34 thoughts on “FOX News Tells the Truth for Once

          1. Wish I had the skill required. I had 'Shop on my old Windoze 98 machine. I probably even still have the disk, though I doubt it's win10 compatible.

          2. I had some freeware,…. GNU or something, for a while but never spent enough time on it, what with goofing-off in so many other ways.

          3. I think Photoshop is a "service" now, which means you have to set up an annuity to pay Adobe every month or so for the privilege of using "your" software.

  1. "I'm meeting with a small man who likes the NBA. I don't care about the NBA, but I'm here". I'm taller, which is good. It's an advantage, like some of the tennis people I was supposed to watch, but didn't. Suddenly, I need. Can I get a girl? "Where is the lavish empty whore love? Chop-Chop, Kim!"

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