11 thoughts on “Shanking Monkey Brains

  1. Someday we're going to be punished for this kind of simian abuse.

    Also for sentences like this one:

    The car slowed at a leafy turnoff, and Zhou pointed out a sign—brand-new, he remarked—with the breeding facility’s name in both English and Chinese.

    Get to the point, journo.

    1. My dad worked for CIBA-Geigy when I was growing up (now it's Novartis). I remember seeing the cover of one of the company mags he got once a month, it showed a rhesus monkey with some electrodes stuffed in its shaved head with the heading "animal research- invaluable".


      1. When I used to go to zoos I disliked the primate exhibits because I felt they mocked us. Actually they were shaming us.

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