29 thoughts on “O Tannenboom

  1. “The picture portrays a solitary, tall convective cloud called a cumulus congestus which is basically Latin for ‘tall, heaped up cloud’,” said Jeff Halverson, Capital Weather Gang’s severe weather expert.

    Alternately, you could call it meteorologists ebrius , which is basically Latin for " The weather modification team down in Cheyenne Mountain are all taking drugs again".

  2. In other news, someone was using a chainsaw at 5 this morning in my neighborhood. They do it again and I’ll be using a chainsaw on them.

    1. I wonder if perhaps a tree fell on a street and needed to be removed right away? I can't imagine anyone being that tone deaf!

      1. Wish I could crib the video out of Twitter; it's even funnier.

        Also glass' link above doesn't go where he thinks it does.

        1. I have a photo – somewhere – of the huge white letter SHOOBIE-DO AW RIGHT graffiti way up on the Somers Point water tower. 80's analog print, of course. That was up there for years.

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