77 thoughts on “One Down…

  1. “It’s one thing after another with this guy,” one person close to Mr. Trump quoted the president as saying.

    He doesn't even see the irony, does he?

  2. Poltroon Pruitt Packs, Pounds Pavement.

    We finally have found the point of Too Much Bad Press. Not, of course, the point at which there's Too Much Corruption.

    There isn't one.

  3. Looking forward to Scott's next career move as a spokesman for hand lotions, tactical pants, sound proof phone booths…

    1. You must mean "beautiful, clean coal".

      I dunno, in that coal's on its way out already, maybe the guy has less influence than Scotty, who hailed from Fracking Central.

      1. Oklahoma: America's Petro-State. Resource curse? What resource curse?

        Yes yes, Texas is or used to be a petro-state. But at least los Tejanos gave the University of Texas its own petroleum royalties, and it is a distinguished institution of higher learning in many fields. Whereas OU….

    2. He's also a skilled lobbyist. He knows the ropes of the swamp even better than pruitt, and no scandals. Yet. That we know of, anyway.

    1. Where is the law that says putatively liberal papers such as WaPo and NYT must have idiotic over-privileged clueless columnists who pre-apologize for every GOPer horror?

      1. yeah, funny, I was reading about the last time the US got in a trade war, limiting the number of Japanese cars, so what'd the Japanese do? They went upscale to get more $$ per car and killed the upscale US car market too. USA!!11!

    1. Ohhh, they're good. " It's not a pollutant, it's just dust we were going to take away to improve the environment."

        Toxic fog known as BLOOD RAIN set to sweep across Britain
        Month's rain to fall in 3 HOURS as UK heatwave breaks into BLOOD RAIN
        India’s BLOOD RAIN could confirm ALIENS have visited Earth

  4. Hey GOP, wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone who wants protect the environment?
    What, a lobbyist? Isn’t that the swamp?

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