11 thoughts on “You be the judge

  1. "Your Honor, I can't appear in court tomorrow because I have to watch the dog."

    "Not to worry, Mr Abu Jamal. We'll see you next week, when it's more convenient for you."

  2. Speaking of misplaced Republican priorities, I saw a t-shirt for sale at an Air Force Base kiosk that read:

    Children: God, why won't you protect us in schools?
    God: because I'm not allowed in schools

    In other words, Republicans are using dead (sometimes white, American) children as grudge leverage for their specious argument about school prayer. Guatemalan children are lower priority, still.

    1. Children: Why can't you protect us outside of schools, so that threats can't get inside the schools?

      God: Every time I try to, the ammosexuals start hyperventilating about slippery slopes and nothing happens when it comes to gun safety. Sorry kids–you should ask the Republicans why they won't listen to Me when I try to tell them not to give in to their extremist RWNJs FFS!

  3. Trump administration lawyer has “dog sitting responsibilities” this weekend.

    Yes, I'm sure looking after Donald all weekend is time consuming, DOJ lawyer, but I'm pretty sure you can delegate that task to a drill sergeant. Get off your ass and find the kids!

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