29 thoughts on “FYYFFNFYFT

  1. At what point during that article did they plan to make "A Liberal’s Case for Brett Kavanaugh"? Because it wasn't between the beginning and the end.

        1. You just don't appreciate Neville Chamberlain's nuanced approach to problem solving, that's your downfall.

  2. I forced myself to read that gawdawful op-ed. Basically boils down to "he's smart and he might not be as bad as you think and you won't get any better, so suck it up, libs!"

    I almost wish I hadn't cancelled on the NYT's sorry ass after the unjust firing of Jill Abramson just so I could cancel on them now FFS. I'll still go there for their columnists and some of their international coverage, but the days where I used to read almost every article of theirs are long fucking gone FFS.

  3. Once I got to "Full Disclosure: Judge Kavanaugh was one of my students"
    I knew the entire point of why the Op-Ed exists


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