59 thoughts on “‘I think they like me a lot in the U.K.’

  1. As Air Force One landed at London Stansted Airport on Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was beset by division, her compromise plan to exit the European Union was being excoriated by critics, and rebels in her Conservative Party were threatening a no-confidence vote.

    Add to the mix that England lost to Croatia in the World Cup semifinals on Wednesday night — the nation was suffering from a collective hangover, and not the good kind. Meanwhile, out in the quiet English countryside, 100 counterterrorism investigators have concluded that a middle-aged British woman was killed by a dose of Soviet-era nerve agent, the same batch of chemical weapon that May charged was deployed on English soil by Russian actors, likely with President Vladi­mir Putin’s knowledge.

    There's a trainload of worst-case scenarios one after another. Literally everyone he talks to on that island is going to be riding out a really shitty mood that started even before Trump shows up. He's not going to make it any better. I'm pre-cringing at the horrific gaffes that are sure to come.

    Those poor people.

    Organizers of Britain’s nationwide protests are committed to staging some of the largest demonstrations since 2003, when hundreds of thousands hit the streets to oppose war in Iraq.

    Something tells me that recruitment will be no problem.

    Campaigners are staging a “Keep Trump Awake” protest outside the U.S. ambassador’s London residence, where the president and first lady will spend Thursday night. They encouraged people to bring “pots, drums and vuvuzelas.”

    Vuvuzelas. Good Christ. I don't think they like you at all, Donald, and that's just London. No telling what protest nightmares Scotland has cooking. They really despise you there.

        1. I imagine if you're removed from the toxic influence of Dotard, all kinds of ailments clear themselves up.

      1. Apparently he and his lawyers chose the sequence of trials, too, in order that they could later complain that that sequence of trials was burdensome.

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