8 thoughts on “Zombie Apukealypse

  1. The bride ran outside and found someone vomiting into a bag and going in and out of consciousness, she told “Inside Edition.” Soon so many people were vomiting that the bathrooms filled up and the venue placed a huge tarp on the ground outside for anyone who needed to hurl, she said.

    Spew, Slip & Slide

    <img src="https://www.destructoid.com/ul/286777-presenting-lovesick-a-game-about-newlywed-vomiting/tumblr_nisjdqA0zr1si4jeeo3_1280.gif"/&gt;

  2. A New York couple have sued the barbecue place that catered their 2015 wedding reception where they say about 100 guests got sick on bad macaroni and cheese.

    Good to see a couple moving away from the lavish, ostentatious weddings that have become a commonplace. Sad that they were punished so severely for doing it.

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