BREAKING: Giant Orange-ish Magenta-hued Bloblum Descends Upon Phoenix!

13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Giant Orange-ish Magenta-hued Bloblum Descends Upon Phoenix!

  1. Citizens react: "Yay?!" and "Build the Wall to keep Bloblums out!" Kelli Ward: "I have vinegar if needed!" Sen. McCain: "HENGGH?" Sen. Flake, "I oppose the bloblum." Sen. Flake later voted for a Vomit-supported-credenza promoting the bloblum. Sinema: "Let's give the Bloblum health insurance, once it's a citizen." Me: "Keep the lights on!"

    1. Gov. Carpet-Bloblum Doug Douchebag: "This Bloblum represents a future moral crisis and great future investment opportunity for Arizonans. If we embrace the future Bloblum now, we will invest in the future Bloblum now. If we invest in the past Bloblum, the past Bloblum will grow and take away jobs from Arizonans . Either way, no one will pay taxes, except those poor idiots making 10 bucks an hour, who will also see their electricity bill doubled even though they're using fewer kWh!**** Weird! Good job, buddy!"

      ***this actually happened to us. Thanks, corporate commission!

      1. Izzat the old ' People are using less energy, so to make the same or more money, need to raise the price.'
        A classic of the genre.

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