18 thoughts on “Solar on Ballot

        1. Again it becomes necessary to point out that your retirement, as described here, is contrary to the generally accepted meaning of the term.

    1. Heh. No, but thanks because that pic wasn't the array I thought it was, so you got me wondering WTF mountains are those.
      It's at Ft. Huachuca by Sierra Vista, not D-M Airforce by Tucson . So ……… I dunno, maybe Whetstone Mts. north of SV.

        1. I attended the now-probably-defunct Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center at now-defunct Lowry AFB in Denver in 1972-3. It was a real joint-service school, with instructors and students from all the services. Kinda fun.

  1. Here in California we've abandoned democracy and just do these things by |executive order.|

    Because plebiscite democracy has given us things like Props 8, 13 and 14, and the current attempt to roll back the gas tax. Links are below because I'm too lazy to code 'em into the text. 14 was really odious.




      1. Fifth largest economy in the world, 4.2% unemployment, gummint running a surplus with a rainy-day fund well stocked. A thousand miles of shoreline, some of the most beautiful deserts, mountains and forests in the world…what a shit hole.

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