ATTENTION ANDOVER: if you know how to safely shut off your gas, please do so.

28 thoughts on “ATTENTION ANDOVER: if you know how to safely shut off your gas, please do so.

  1. "Officials believe the cause could be an over pressurization of a gas line which caused ruptures in multiple homes leading to leaks, explosions, and fires."

    In most municipalities I've lived in, gas lines are all black iron pipe until the shutoff and corrugated brass or copper pipe that connects to the appliance. Still, there'd have to be a lot of overpressure to blow off those connections. Pinhole leaks would't do this. Scary!

  2. Scary however it happened. Some valve-turner at the gas company's in a heapa trouble. "Let's see, lefty-tighty, righty-loosey, right?"

  3. Usually those over-pressure events are self-inflicted. More that a few times I'm aware of Cletus, or his cousin, who the gas company has shut-off for nonpayment and put a lock on the valve. So our dear boy uses the universal key to remove the padlock and turns the gas back on. The gas company returns and fully removes the meter/pressure regulator. So now our freakin' genius runs a tube from the gas company riser and his house pipe. Puts a serious bend in the linking pipe to act as a pressure reducer. Genius, sheer genius.

  4. From a friend of mine an hour south of Andover:
    "The people that are getting interviewed all say the same thing…they heard a sizzling noise coming from gas appliances."

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