16 thoughts on “Happy Flipday, Everybody!

  1. So here’s what Robert Mueller just did: He sewed up the key witness to implicate the President, and he paid for the entire investigation. And it’s only now lunch time.


    1. So who's next – Stone, Junior, or Jared? I'm leaning for Stone or Junior as Jared is still working for the White House and perhaps gets a short political pass until Friday, November 9th.

  2. emptywheel @emptywheel
    3 minutes ago
    Also note, according to plea deal, USG gets to dispose of this Trump Tower apartment any way they please.

    emptywheel Retweeted Josh Gerstein
    Josh Gerstein @joshgerstein

    NEW: Manafort agreed to give up the Trump Tower apartment in order to avoid seizure of a Charles Schwab securities account. Baxter St apt will also sub, for Edgewood house in Arlington…per Mueller spokesman

    I think it would be an excellent place for a comfy facility where nice Hispanic refugee families get reunited with their illegally detained children.

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