20 thoughts on “Things to do in Crofton when you’re dead

  1. She said her husband, Stephen, bought a tombstone-shaped Halloween prop and put it on her pillow.

    Never let a good prank situation pass, I always say.

    “When we went into the Social Security office, they kind of gave me a look,” Stephen said. “I said, ‘I’m just here for the survivor’s benefits.’ ”


    1. The ways of ID are mysterious. Sometimes I can't get back into the comments the next day to answer a reply to an older comment of my own. I usually figure it is for my own good.

  2. I've been "dead" twice now.

    Once was self-inflicted. I was trying to hide from a stalker, so I printed "deceased, return to sender" on a letter she wrote to me. The Postal Service ran with it, and closed my PO Box. I had to prove my existence, which was surprisingly difficult.

    The 2nd time was when I moved into a condo 2 doors down from an older gentleman with my exact same name and address, only his was unit "E", and mine was unit "G". It was OK for awhile after he died, as his widow would just bring my misplaced mail to me. When she moved away, my mail went with her.

    Being dead is rather inconvenient.

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