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  1. It’s easy to see how pantsdrunk evolved as a response to the harsh Finnish environment, one of perpetual gloom and freezing temperatures for nine and a half months of the year. Look out of a window on a Finnish November day and much of the time it’s pitch dark and freezing, a lacerating sleet is falling and the pavements are crusted in ice and slush. Often the streets are deserted and human companionship requires a lengthy and unpleasant trek. And that’s at noon, the brightest point of the day. No wonder pantsdrunk came into being.

    That is one hell of an accurate representation of my informational environment now and a fine excuse for solo underwear couch drinking.

    This may sound fanciful but at the heart of this approach lies a democratic ideal. “Pantsdrunk” doesn’t demand that you deny yourself the little things that make you happy or that you spend a fortune on Instagrammable Scandi furniture and load your house with more altar candles than a Catholic church. Affordability is its hallmark, offering a realistic remedy to everyday stress.

    "The Teachings of Kalsarikänni, A Finnish Way of Knowledge"

          1. Kind of like Florida folks talking about how great the weather is when they're inside 6 months out of the year with the A/C on and condensation on the outside of their windows?

  2. And remember, they aren't REAL friends if they make a big deal about your preferences for a more comfortable state of undress when drinking on their home's couches. Prudes.

    1. Whoa.
      Years ago, sandy back yard in Tucson, pick a winter day , also get some dry ice for fog and mist, dig a pit, get some clams and corn and taters. I was the only one of the gang to recognize the genius of this idea, so it never really happened .
      Also ,wasn't my backyard……………….

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