18 thoughts on “A Crazy Aussie and the Night Parrot

    1. Actually [ lowers binoculars adjusts floppy hat ] it was / is city folk that in large part drove the species protection in the U.S. In fact, that was a criticism of the movement for decades.

  1. [ My little, less dramatic story, I probably told before ]
    Common in Central America , rare in US

    Gray Hawk – © Ian Collier

    A great conservation story; 15 years ago there were only about 80 known nesting pairs in Southern Arizona.

    True, but 30 years ago there were only three known nesting pairs in the US. All three of which were on the section of riparian area I worked at . I think at the timeof the incident I was still, –uhhhh, unpaid staff–
    One day the manager told me that if I saw any AZ G& F people around, to come get him. It seems that AG&F had a plan to grab eggs from these nesting pairs and raise them in captivity.
    The .org was against this idea. Don't know the actual legal parts, like if G&F coulda just done it and 'fuck y'all tree-huggers' . In any case , they ended up not doing it. Protecting and letting habitat return elsewhere seemed to have worked.

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