23 thoughts on “Maritime Military’s Mondo Mascot Makeover

  1. Namakoro the pink sea cucumber was picked as a mascot for Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force because sea cucumbers don’t run, don’t hide, and have thick skin which is good for protection from enemies.

    Most Sea Cucumbers primary form of defense is to vomit their internal organs all over their enemies. Is that what you were going for?

    Also Too: that thing looks like a gigantic sex toy. Do Chinese sailors fear gigantic sex toys or having internal organs vomited all over them? Both?

    1. Oh wow, and then there's this:

      北部クジラ「ヤンくん」 @rcticocean Oct 25
      Replying to @mondomascots

      I hope they also do its symbiotic, rectum-dwelling sidekick, the pearlfish

      They could be Japan's Maritime Forces Batman and Robin! The Manga alone would be awesome.

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