88 thoughts on “Down Goes Jefferson Beauregard

    1. Trump thinks that as he's the Commander in Chief, all the Generals have to follow his orders, and that includes the Attorney General.

  1. Per 538:
    ▪ Rosenstein no longer Mueller's supervisor, that was because Sessions recused himself, Whitaker now is Mueller's super.
    ▪ Whitaker, as Session Chief of Staff wasn't high enough up to require Senate approval.

    5 million in the streets in 15 minutes if tRump/Whitaker try anything – shut the country down.

    1. I was happy to have voted against Hof the last time around. I'd have voted "none of these candidates" were I still in NV. That's a cathartic button to push, even though it's still just throwing your vote away.

      1. They will get one, though. And likely the same one they rejected in June. They have enough low cunning to know that by not voting for the Democrat, they wouldn't get a Democrat. Vote for the dead guy, they get their party, if not their dead guy.

  2. Although our gun safety initiative is not perfect, it looks to help with some of the crazy loopholes. The initiative's principle goal was to place more restrictions on the purchase and ownership of semiautomatic assault weapons. The measure included raising the minimum age to purchase such firearms from 18 to 21, adding a mandatory waiting period, more frequent background checks, and stricter storage requirements. Purchasing such a weapon would also require a mandatory firearms safety course.

    It has 61% approval tonight (we're 100% mail), so most pundits are calling it approved. So another yay!

    1. Protecting healthcare, environment, science, women's are human rights, family friendly economy, rooting out corruption, propaganda &money in politics. This is where we need stand.
      despite bothsiderism, Föx misinformation, there was little wrong with the party platform 2 years ago.

      and yeah Women. Suburban women, Caravans of them marching over barbed *HE SAID RAZOR WIRE* (Actual trumpturd comment) wire to give a breath of life with democracy.

    1. We need to re-expose this "fake news" canard, Big Lie, propaganda thing. Finally, I heard Ari Melber , for the 1st time on teevee the other day, point out that the OG Fake News was a troll and Russian bot thing two years ago on InfoWars, Breibart, et al. Orange McFuckface tapped into it. If nothing else he is good at catching stupid messages.
      Every time he says it we need to scream Lügenpresse!!1!
      Sure, the stupid don't understand, but these are nothing more than Goebbels 101 techniques.

      1. Yes, that. Exactly. It is embarrassing that people buy into it and no one calls it out. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we're stupid

        1. Remember also, too, that Pussygrabonespurs thrives on chaos. Three card monty is a lot easier with mayhem surrounding the game. He's had lawyers and lies and obfuscation his whole fucking life. He has no problem with the Dems winning the House. Fire Mueller, what does he care? Those fuckwads in their Made in Chine red hats will show up NO MATTER WHAT. The one thing that he has ever said that was true was "if I shot someone on Fifth Ave….

          1. One of Dewey's was in there, too, so it wasn't anything you wrote. Unless our spam software now filters for speaking the truth about Trump, in which case we are all in trouble.

    1. You wanted some indication that if you campaigned hard enough, rednecks and white collar bloodless types alike could be made to see the light that perhaps the levers of power are not best entrusted to the absolute worst people that can be dredged up from Internet comment sections running on platforms of xenophobia, nihilism, and racism.

      Yeah I did want that. A strategic rather than tactical victory.

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