11 thoughts on “NorCal Fire. Very Bad

      1. A friend texted me, her brother lives in Chico and had to leave, it was moving so fast that no evac notice was given – no time. She said he said there were bushes on fire on his property but when he left his house was still ok. He and his wife didn’t have time to anything but get in the car and leave. She said he is going to Reno to his son’s house.

          1. My friend texted again, her brother is now safely in Reno, they do not have any status on their house. God I hate this. We need a president who will help us course-correct to deal with all this climate change STAT.

  1. There are several fires around the state this afternoon. This one is the biggest, but there is a 10,000 acre fire just northwest of Los Angeles, CalFire is evacuating neighborhoods there and have closed the 101 freeway, which is a major north/south artery because it is moving fast enough to possibly jump the freeway. I am on my phone so I won’t look it up, but I think it is called the Hill Fire Incident on CalFire’s incident site. It is just a mile or two north of Thousand Oaks, where that gunman killed 10 people in a bar last night. So basically everything, everywhere sucks right now.

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