9 thoughts on “The Women’s March Was The Start Of The Blue Wave

  1. Way to go Alyssa!
    The Women's March was the start of the Blue Wave.
    Millions marched peacefully. And without Soros funding.
    It literally saved my sanity two years ago. Riding my bike down to the National Mall and seeing 600,000 people.
    The Lügenpresse largely ignored it.
    Sarsour and Mallory were showboaters exploited by Föx, et. al. They had little to do with it and were just showpiece bogeywomen.
    Farrrakhan has always been a corrosive figure.

    1. [ I was just typing………….. ]
      I was ready to brace people that if Sinema wins, we are probably gonna be upset some of the time with her votes. Thinking about it a little more, I believe that even if she isn't the prog. ideal, anything that the GOP suggests in leg. is gonna be so bugfuck nuts, that she won't be able to back it anyway.

      1. That makes sense.

        It must be crazy difficult to be a prog pol in a deep red state, and even harder as a constituent to make peace with things about the pol that are frustrating. We blue state people take that stuff for granted

        1. and McSally has gone from 'common sense' [ but hateful monster ] to full crazy hateful monster, so can deal
          with Sinema .

          eta: But Sinema was not generally the darling of Prog's either. It's another 'lesser of ' case. Much lesser, but still………

      2. I wish she'd return to her pink tutu war protestin' ideologies of yore– but you can't win AZ like that. (Of course all the AZ conservative morans think she's to the left of Marx, FFS.) It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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