44 thoughts on ““We didn’t do it.”

  1. "HAARP was not operating at the time, and did not cause the earthquake."

    This time*.

    *(everyone thinks all we do is cause weather catastrophes, but in fact we're a full-service calamity facility).

        1. Well, leaving aside his shilling for Agnew and Nixon, promoting oil industry interests, cosying up to the barbaric but wealthy Saudis, running black ops in the CIA, supporting the illegal war in Central America and the murderous regime in El Salvador, pardoning the Iran-Contra felons, the Willie Horton ad, replacing Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme court with an angry reactionary pervert, playing the first Iraq war for all the propaganda it was worth, ignoring global warming, making Al Gore and destruction of the Earth's ozone layer the butt of cruel jokes, mismanaging the post-fall of the Soviet Union as Russia slid into the lawless mob ruled nation of today, raising a sociopath of a son who became president through chicanery in a divided nation who immediately turned hard right, blew the entire surplus on tax cuts, snoozed his way into the nation's worst attack since Pearl Harbor, starved the Afghan war of resources to lie his way into a personal grudge war of choice in Iraq, squandered all of the country's international goodwill, legalized kidnapping and torture and presided over the biggest worldwide economic collapse since the Great Depression. I've left out some stuff.

          Oh, an elderly GHWB regularly played grab-ass from his wheelchair with any woman unfortunate to be found within groping distance.

          Other than that, he wrote nice letters and volunteered his time to some good causes.

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