What did He Do, and What Ethical Standards Did He Breach?

18 thoughts on “What did He Do, and What Ethical Standards Did He Breach?

  1. You know, all these people do is pick pick pick. I don't see them creating the first CRISPR baby. Why aren't we applauding this guy's guts when it comes to modifying human life, albeit poorly?

    1. And the woman they tout as a "pioneer" is horrified? FFS, you come up with technology and get offended when someone uses it?

        1. And Sarah Winchester felt so bad about everyone killed by her namesake rifles, she kept adding on to her mansion. Because that's what you do, obviously.

          1. Are you predicting more fires?
            I normally don't travel west of the Sierra until the passes reopen in the spring, myself.

          2. I dunno, I was running my particle filters in fucking February this last year. Twelve month fire season anymore…

          3. Speaking of blood money monuments, the |Dupont mansion| (known as "Winterthur") in Wilmington is now a furniture museum. It's so big it takes a couple of days to tour the whole thing.

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