Read here how many ways your betters are better than you

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  1. Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis breezed through her 500-room German palace, keys in hand and a bracelet of rubies and a Virgin Mary charm on her wrist.

    She stopped to admire the ornate chapel where her great-grandmother-in-law Crown Princess Helene had died in bed and where her friend Benedict XVI, the pope emeritus, once said Mass.

    Then she headed down to the medieval cloister where she preferred to say her daily prayers.

    In the crypt chapel, the diminutive, chatty and ebullient princess went silent as she removed her rose-tinted designer glasses, [which designer, FNYT?] knelt in her Comme des Garçons pants on the upholstered kneeler and solemnly pressed her forehead against her laced fingers.

    Colored light poured in through the six stained glass windows and onto the 58-year-old’s checked Yves Saint Laurent jacket as Msgr. Wilhelm Imkamp, a conservative prelate once touted by conservatives as a potential archbishop of Berlin, offered his lone parishioner communion.

    The soles of her Hermes shoes — as white as the altar’s Carrara marble Jesus — faced the grating above the crypt where her deceased husband and his noble family’s ancestors lay in polished coffins.

  2. Princess Gloria is working with Stephen K. Bannon, center, the populist former adviser to President Trump, and conservative Catholic leaders to undermine Pope Francis

    Tells me all I need to know TYVFM.

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