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  1. Joshua McKerrow@joshuamckerrow
    13 hours ago

    11. And if we die for it, someone else will pick up the threads, and report on the holiday decorations at the Governor's house. Its what we do. -30-

    That is all.

        1. Given her telegenic looks, wit and professional skill, she may have moved "up" to CNN, but I can't risk Santorum exposure to go look.

          1. Every time I give them another shot, they assault my senses with someone like Cory Lewandowski.Sorry, I just can't.

          2. who was it who said something to the effect of "what they don't want you to print, that's called journalism. Everything else is advertising"?

  2. Here's hoping special counsel Mueller blesses us all with an un-ignorable, impossible-to-explain-away shitload of evidence against the real "enemy of the people" this afternoon.

    1. I sure as hell hope so because, if there was in fact a God or any justice left in the world this very devastating thread itself would cause Donald Trump's unsecured security risk of an iPhone to erupt in a ball of flame in his short-fingered vulgar hands, covering his naked misshapen genitalia with burning liquid plastic shrapnel.

      But no, this will go down the memory hole as with all such things. After all the weeping, of course.

          1. Given my employment history, previous screen name and current avatar, I felt obliged to post something about that article, since Thurn and Taxis was the (real) postal service opposed by the (fictional) Trystero in Pynchon's second novel.

            Irrelevantly, here is a letter from William Faulkner, who at the time of its writing was postmaster of the University of Mississippi:

            As long as I live under the capitalistic system, I expect to have my life influenced by the demands of moneyed people. But I will be damned if I propose to be at the beck and call of every itinerant scoundrel who has two cents to invest in a postage stamp.

            This, sir, is my resignation.

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