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    1. My favorite part of Rama** is the final chapter, when it became apparent that the aliens were only using the Sol system as a gravity assisted mid-course correction/refueling stop on the way elsewhere and were utterly indifferent to our civilization's existence.

      **The first book was by far the best

  1. Fuck That Fuckin Bullshit…………….

    ‏ @Jennika_Baines

    At a former colleague's suggestion I have an e-mail folder just called "Happy" where I file e-mails in which someone says something kind or says thank you or says something else that makes me happy to read. If you don't have one, give yourself the gift of a Happy folder in 2019.

        1. Used to work with a guy who'd been a jet engine mechanic at Thule AB when, believe it or not, they had fighters stationed there. A challenging lifestyle. I think it has also been a tanker base over the years, for refueling the B-52s on their "penetration missions."

          I have DEW Line stories too, so don't get me started.

    1. Max Kennerly
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      Replying to @BadAstronomer

      As Einstein showed, goats must be kept within the lamp's light cone.

      Nerdiest take evar!

    1. I was thinking "the night rolls in…you can feel it startin' all over agin"

      but then I realized who posted it and that you would never go there

          1. There's another cut from this concert on Playground Psychotics called "A Small Eternity with Yoko Ono". I won't link to it – it's too early in the year.

          2. No, I wasn't at the show, but I vividly remember her destroying The Beatles! Not really, even though she wasn't very well liked by the others, there's no accounting for other people's taste.

          3. Lucky you. I avoided this also – all the times I saw Zappa were Ono-free and never did get to see John.

            First time I remember was on TV, Mike Douglas (I think) where John plus guitar was cooking on a BB King tune and Yoko was doing her arrhythmic screech-thing an I was like "the fuck?".

            I'm a fan of weird music (I still listen to Trout Mask Replica, still makes me laugh) but I just can't get on board with whatever this is.

            Postscript: on another cut from the Fillmore East '71 show, "Scum Bag", things got so out of hand Eddie put a huge potato sack over her head. Pretty sure the video is out there somewhere if you're in the mood for mayhem someday.

      1. For some reason, though, the Lennon + McCartney songwriting compound produced a lot of wonderful music, way better than either of them did on their own.

        1. I think in the time they were together they really brought out the best in each other, and also pissed off George.

    1. You… you have. Snow? it was 60°F here today, rained all day yesterday, Saturday and Friday for a grand yearly total of 54 inches. More, yes, rain is scheduled for this coming Friday and Saturday. Woohoo. Mud, Flood and Tears.

    2. It's been below 30 here overnight nightly for about a week, which sounds laughable but is cold enough to do significant crop damage and impact the local economy. I can hear the wind machines, they kick on at about 32. I wish my cat would come inside.

      1. This was the second storm since xmas; 3" last week and another 4" yesterday. High temps have been in the 20s in between, so most of the ice is still around. Too cold to spend an hour at the dog park in the mornings, so the pup has a little cabin fever. Cats refuse to spend more that about 5 minutes (instead of 5 hours) outside.

      1. In high-end woodworking you take round logs, saw and plane them into smooth, square planks, and then laminate,steam-bend and glue those into beautiful curves.

          1. is the abovementioned cube exercise an example of "you can make a mill with a lathe, but you can't make a lathe with a mill"?

      1. I wish. But my first choice would be woodworking stuff, if I trusted my old hands and eyes near a table saw anymore.

        1. Hmm. There must be some operations you can do without worrying about the really dangerous stuff. I'd think a woodworking lathe is pretty forgiving/safe (says the guy who sometimes makes stuff that looks like it was made on a lathe without using a lathe). Maybe have the big cuts farmed out and then do the detail yourself, or smaller items? How about some fun with a CNC router?

    1. I'm watching this while making spaghetti with white clam sauce, so if anyone wants to come over for dinner. let me know.

  2. Frank was my guardian for two years, then my employer for two more. I'm glad he rediscovered his first love. You can find him at the Newport Beach Art in the Park event, sorta prestigious.

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