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  1. I'm a leftie, and unlike Mr Koufax, pictured above, am and always have been a terrible athlete. Don't know about the rest of you, but you ought to come forward and state your handedness so that we know who we're dealing with.

    Got to say that that article, with all its conditional statements, reminded me how little we know about what part of the brain does what. It's like a big blob that we poke here and there, and when a finger moves or a memory is triggered we say, "Ah-HAH!" I know serious scientists are working on it but it's such a big complex mountain to climb.

    1. I can throw a baseball, throw a frisbee and bat either way. I can throw a baseball further right-handed, and a frisbee further left-handed. I usually write right-handed- that's how English works. Maybe if I did Hebrew or Arabic I'd use my left hand. I'm mildly dyslexic, and kept a mirror in my desk in 4th grade, practicing writing mirror image horizontally, vertically and about the origin. In high school I turned in my optics lab in honors physics in mirror image, horizontally, so my teacher had to read it in a mirror.

      Kid Glass eats and writes left-handed, but bats and throws right-handed.

      1. When that evil teacher tried to force my hand, I could willfully write in mirror-image with my right hand. This tended to piss her off even more, and the ruler smacks came more frequently and more forceful.

        After the election in 1960, she polled us 4th graders as to who we had supported, or our parents. Telling, that her hand was the only one raised for Nixon.

  2. The right hand is the hand that masturbates? Please. I'm so left-handed I can't even get that right.

    I was abused by my 4th grade teacher, trying to force me to give up my sinister ways. I was nearly held back a grade, but she grudgingly passed me at the last minute, and I was forced to go to this harpy's [parochial school] for the next two years.

    We're even [discriminated against] in [music.]

      1. Yeah, me too.

        Why do left-handed keyboardists not change their instrument? Or saxophone? I think guitars are perfectly ambidextrous as they are. I have known some drummers who rearrange their kit to suit them, though.

        1. FWIW my opinion is that good musicians need to be equally skilled with both hands. On the guitar they say the left hand is the technician and the right is the artist. If you watch a classical guitarist the left hand is doing something, vibrato or tremolo, on every note.

  3. So now I'm watching the San Diego Absquatulators play what the Spectrum web app, which has decided to give me Spanish narration of the game, calls los Cuervos, which is way more fun. The game itself is pretty boring, lots of goles de campo y bateas. Still waiting for una zona de doble rotación.

  4. Abraham and Isaac
    sitting on a fence
    You'd get right to work
    if you had any sense
    Y'know the one thing we need
    is a left-hand monkey wrench

  5. I'm a mess, but you Villians already knew that.

    Right-handed: write, eat, small hand planes & chisels
    Left=handed: throw, shoot shotgun, rifle,and bow & arrow, larger bench planes
    Both (which ever is easiest to get to the work): bat bazebawl, dribble roundball, shoot pistol, wrenches, screwdrivers, paint brush/roller, hammers, give the finger, get stabby

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