42 thoughts on “GOP Guv Does Decent Thing

      1. I don't understand the reasoning behind that. Maybe something about mandatory minimum sentence? Either way, at least now she has something to look forward to.

  1. Good–I remember reading about her case and thinking it was so un-fucking-fair.

    Now, can we give her cell to a member of Donald's administration? Several deserving candidates come to mind, even if one has to limit it to female potential inmates FFS…

  2. Everybody ready for tRump's big announcement at 9:00 PM Eastern tomorrow? He says it's about the "national security crisis" at the border.

    I'm hoping he's really just going to announce his resignation, but then again it might be martial law.

          1. we had big wind here yesterday. A guy driving by UC Berkeley's campus had a eucalyptus tree fall on him and…it killed him

          2. That's really sad and I don't mean to minimize it, but eucalyptus aren't native to CA and that's why they fall down. Builders planted them all over the place because they grow fast.

    1. Why the hell is it so hard to paste twitter links in here.

      And screw that woman. The president's job isn't to hurt people.

      1. at first I just put in the pic from the tweet, then thought to add the link to the tweet. ID decided to put "target- blank" in front of the tweet link for me, how thoughtful

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