36 thoughts on “Air Jorgan

  1. “One thing that confounds us is getting organs from place to place,” he said. “There are limitations on flying organs. … Drones could address some of the issues. It’s an intriguing idea. It won’t be simple.”

    Why not breed organs that can fly themselves? It's the obvious solution.

    1. In-flight recharging! Because sure, why not.

      At a Southern Maryland airfield, Dr. Joseph Scalea watched a drone carrying a kidney in a cardboard cooler fly 3 miles.

      The test flight, repeated 14 times,..

      Jebus, I hope they didn't test it 14 times with actual organs.

    1. Waiting for the terrible data entry error that has the drone delivering a steak and kidney pie direct to the hospital and a living organ to the Queen's birthday party.

  2. So, I have a friend who has a cousin who recently had a kidney transplant. He was doing OK for a while, then some problems after a couple of months, and it turns out the donor kidney came complete with an internal parasite.


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