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  1. A senior commander at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay has been charged with obstruction of justice after an inquiry into the death of a civilian.
    Safety manager Christopher Tur drowned in 2015 close to the base in Cuba.
    Navy Capt John Nettleton is accused of concealing evidence, making false statements and falsifying records in the aftermath.
    Officials believe he had an affair with Tur's wife, and fought with him shortly before he went missing.
    A 36-page federal indictment alleges Mr Nettleton lied to investigators and had a violent confrontation with Tur over the alleged affair.

    1. It shows a certain ear for detail when your router is in tune with your video's background music.

      (Psst , typo in your previous comment, unless I'm missing a mete-joke, which wouldn't be the first time.)

      1. thnx. I'll be happy when I finish the remodel on the front offices and move to a new desk in the back. This crazy set-up has the keyboard so far left of where I sit that the down arrow between Ctrl and 0 is pointing at my navel.

    2. THAT is awesome. Loved the way he hogged out the general shape with a hand drill before contouring it on a monster shaper—because he didn't have a table saw. Also admire people who manage to video-record these high-risk events so well when only one take is possible.

      And I admire that he can play beautifully as well.

      Thanks for this. It's always such a pleasure to see craftsmanship even in weird ways.

  2. Well if you set up a place that's "a mostly Constitution-free zone," there might be some unintended consequences.

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