Students Being Force-Fed by Prof to Have to Read Book to Pass Class

22 thoughts on “Students Being Force-Fed by Prof to Have to Read Book to Pass Class

        1. I never had any politically slanted butthurt complaints in classes I taught, but I've had similar scale wailing and gnashing of teeth over assignments and/or reading. There's always one or two in each class that'll go postal, that's why they pay you through July.

  1. Jeez if students were forced to learn about the social consequences of their fields of study, who know what awful things might happen?

    1. when I taught polymers, I had the students consider what they wanted to make, the most green way of making it, what its expected use lifetime was, and how it could degrade gracefully even if it was thrown in a landfill. I said if we're doing our jobs right, archeologists of the future will only find teeth from our period in history

        1. nope. Never taught regular organic either. I taught graduate echem, undergrad fuel cells (I created that class all by myself!) and, for one semester, polymers. It was in the SJSU materials/chemE dept. Since polymers was an elective class, I found out *after* I started teaching it that there were no prerequisites for the class, including organic chem (*facepalm*). I told the class they'd have to learn 7 functional groups and I'd get them through it.

          1. Facepalm or per Cally, ffs.My P-chem buddy who taught at Oregon State and I shared how we both tried to minimize the O-chem. That said I had 2 1/2 years of it.

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