3 thoughts on “The International Crisis of Donald Trump

  1. "He supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, though he later regretted it…"

    I had a third Martini, though I later regretted it. No one died as a result though.

    I know that's not a fair criticism of Eliot Engel, who for all I know might have suffered intense anguish and remorse as a result of his "regrettable" choice. Guess I'm madder at the Village writers who apparently think this is unimportant.

    1. the 2003 Iraq invasion was supported by what seems like 90% of Dems, but the missus and I took Kid Glass to SF to the protest march before it happened. Afghanistan was one thing, but was it such a political albatross to anyone who didn't support it? Hillz did. Can't look weak in these uncertain times, and we're still stuck there.


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