Wonkhetto- we’re going to try a new, but private, venue with more amenities

12 thoughts on “Wonkhetto- we’re going to try a new, but private, venue with more amenities

  1. Hi folks,

    Some of us have been discussing a more modern venue and we're going to give groups.io a shot (link in the hed). You can set your personal preferences so only your handle, like in ID, is visible and not your name or email. You can use it just like wonkville except you can upload pix, have inline stuff show up without having to do HTML. At the moment I'm the only mod but happy to have more, like we have here. Since it's private we don't have to worry about spam or bots or hopefully stuff getting caught in the bin.

    If you want to keep things double secret, we respect your anonymity, maybe link with a throwaway email acct.

    Comments, suggestions most welcome. If a mod here could make this STICKY I'd appreciate it. Gracias, kind mod

    Kick the tires, see if you like it. The community is more important than the venue. I'd like to make the venue a bit more…user friendly.



  2. I will try the new site from my home computer first, I don't normally try anything that not work-related on the work computer unless I have tried it somewhere else. Also, too, why the Portuguese-looking spelling? I hope we don't get invaded by Brazilians kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    1. we'll try groups.io for a bit but I would also like to try xenforo- I think the latter is much better for wonkville style stuff but will take more time to set up. Thanks for kicking the tires.

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