60 thoughts on “Current Conditions

          1. From what I've heard, they've taken over Mammoth as well. I haven't set foot on the mountain since 1994.

          2. There was an old Win95* game called "Ski for Free" where snowboarders were a serious danger and, no matter how well you did, at the end a Yeti would run in from stage left and devour you. Good times.

            Been quite a few years since I strapped skis on, but drinking was practically SOP.

            *Actually, older Windows 3.x Entertainment Package 16bit (!)

          3. Yeti ftw!

            I do miss skiing sometimes, but I also know that it was the cause of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to my body.

          4. At the top of a steep diamond run one time I powered out of the lift chair so hard one of my poles stuck. I herringboned back up and the last thing I remember was almost having my hand on the handle, then staring up at the clouds flat on my back. The chairlift's T rest clocked me right in the back of the head on the way down, knocked me out cold. Got up, said "Nah, I'm good" and skied the rest of the night, for young drunk reasons. Hardhead. Small damage to my knees I think but they've got me this far so no worries.

    1. One of the most charming videos ever.

      Plus, is referred -to in my opus "How Come No -One Wrote A Song About Steve Goodman?"

          1. As long as Mexico pays for this too I'm good with it.

            (I know that "submitting your porn unlocking invoices to the Mexican Embassy for payment" sounds crazy, but that's just the world we live in now.)

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