39 thoughts on “Not That Queso

    1. Well, clearly what Trump needs to do is charge in with the Marines and 101st Airborne send in a Peacekeeping and Stabilization Force, murder everybody suppress the corrupt, drug dealing socialists, have Elliot Abrams install suggest the appointment of a dictatorial right wing military junta transitional government of security professionals, sell all public assets to friendly billionaires, offshore transnationals and venture capitalists institute a vigorous privatization program to kick-start the economy and tax cuts.

          1. ex·cla·ma·tion


            noun: exclamation; plural noun: exclamations

            a sudden cry or remark, especially expressing surprise, anger, or pain.

    1. weejee has snow for sure. Had to drive this morn for a 7:20 eye exam. There were a lot of buses stuck on the hillz. Glad I'm used to driving in snow from my yute in Wisconsin.


      NWS forecast discussion:

      “In fact, probably the lowest snow levels since 2011. Here is a breakdown of the lowest snow levels – North Bay 400-1000 feet. SF to East Bay and Santa Cruz Mountains 1000-1500 feet. Big Sur Mts to Southern Gabilan Range 1500-2000 feet. The big question is, will there be any flakes down to sea level? And the answer is – one of the best set ups we can hope for.”

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