89 thoughts on “weejee?

        1. Still busy as hell- managed to play another set at the Hut the other night, but spent the last two weeks before that out of town.

          1. He doesn't want to have to earn redemption. He wants it given to him. Redemption is like buying something on layaway, but he wants to win it in a raffle.

          2. Comey strikes me as not a terrible guy, likes to use the power he has a bit for publicity maybe, when his former position would have been served much better by a Bob Mueller type.

    1. Nally told Motherboard that the drive contained some of her favorite footage and she has backups, so the chances of her sending more poop to the scientists seem slim.

      No poop for you!

          1. Whoa, I get you and my friend Gerry together I’m going to have to give you name tags or I’ll confuse you. I think he’s more massive, though.

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