17 thoughts on “Tricky Dicks

  1. Dan Savage to Jeff Bezos:

    Jeff Bezos, Please Release Your Dirty Selfies
    It’s for the good of the country. Especially our kids.

    Jeff, you have the power to make the world safer for your kids and mine, to say nothing of all the adults out there swapping nude photos with complete strangers or their spouses. (And to say nothing of all the other billionaires out there who, according to Bloomberg News, are now very worried about the whereabouts of the pics they’ve sent to their mistresses.) By releasing your own photos, you can normalize what is already normal and protect the professional and political futures of all the young adults who have been taking and sending nude selfies since they got their first phones.

    The sooner we all have a few dirty pics out there, the sooner it won’t matter whose dirty pics get out there. Until then, we are all in danger of being blackmailed.


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