20 thoughts on “Robot doctor tells patient: “you’re dying”

  1. I call BS on this one. I'm siding with Kaiser. 1st, it wasn't a robot, it was tele-medicine. Get used to it. 2nd, I'm sure he was examined by the ER and/or admitting doctors.

  2. I'm open to compromise. Newfoundland split the difference, and they are doing OK. They still change from Daylight to Standard and back, though.

  3. Is this only a thing in California? Because there are all sorts of laws getting passed out here to keep plastic straws out of the waste stream. I assumed it was happening elsewhere, too.

  4. A lot of restaurants here are switching to those and I have found that they feel unsettlingly rough against my front teeth, which are crowns. So I just keep plastic straws in my purse or use no straws at all.

  5. OK…

    So do other states have bag laws? Here, at grocery stores, you have to pay 10 cents a bag or bring your own bags. It has really cut down on single-use plastic bags fluttering around everywhere.

  6. A Bisbee city ban on plastic bags and small fee for recyclable bags both violated state law, the Arizona Attorney General's Office said Tuesday……..

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