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        1. I'd like to think our esteemed military would at least have top notch flight training, no matter how the pilot got there. I could be wrong, though. It's those commercial pilots I worry about.
          I used to drive a bus that fed a small regional airline. It occurred to me that the pilots and I had basically the same job, but they had snazzy epaulettes and hats.

    1. ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪

      Mostly crazy, West Virginia
      topless mountains, poisoned rivers
      people dumb there, dumber than a rock
      heavier than mountains, smelly like a sock

          1. The California dairy industry said Monday that there is insufficient knowledge about perchlorate to determine how much is safe in the water and food supply.

            So no need to bother worrying about it, then.

            :Milk is for babies. Cow milk is for baby cows:

          2. The two biggest dairies in Nevada are located on the same aquifer as Yucca Mountain, and they ship their raw milk to a processing plant in southern California. I think one of the dairies has relocated since I moved away, though.

          3. Yucca used to have a visitors center. They had a cow with a clear panel so you could see her innards! That's how you know there's no radioactive shit going on, I guess. Hence the term [Safe as Milk.] Probably.

        1. I was just about to mobilize my ecotoxicology expertise regarding body burden of lipid-soluble biotoxins, LC/LD 50's teratogenic and mutagenic effects of synthetic petrochemical contaminants, hormone mimicry, toxin mobilization in sediments, bioaccumulation, elevated childhood cancer and developmental defect rates in rural communities and then I

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    1. I've never worked on aircraft, but I've worked on houses. One remodel, we found the space between the studs in an interior wall stacked with empty beer cans and snack wrappers from when it was built. Must've been a Friday afternoon build.

        1. Being an interior wall, thermal insulation wasn't a concern. I know for a science fact that cans rattle when you slam an adjacent door, which is why the snack wrappers were stuffed between them.

        1. My favorite contractor boss paid us before lunch on Friday so we could take care of banking on our break. When we came back to work, there were always ice chests filled with beer, and work was done for the day. That's why I figured it was a Friday build.

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