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    1. This explains a protest sign I saw on my lunch break just now.

      Fridays are anti-war protest day in my little hippie town and starting around noon people assemble along our main drag at one spot in front of the park and they hold up anti-war signs and drivers honk and wave. Well today there was only one guy (it was just after noon, so: still early) and he had a sign that said, "I support Greta." I had no clue what that meant. Now I get it.

      1. "Anti-War Protest Day". Now there's an evergreen activity, sadly.

        | Here's where Greta started all this. | She went from there to shame the crowd in Davos and the EU Parliament and now schoolkids from over 100 countries are ON STRIKE FOR THEIR CARBON-FREE FUTURE.

        She's a total rock star and I'd vote her for World President.

        “Greta is a troublemaker, she is not listening to adults. But we are heading full speed for a catastrophe, and in this situation the only reasonable thing is to be unreasonable.”

        This kind of troublemaking is just what we need.

        1. This is SO cool. And she's SWEDISH.

          The kids are definitely alright. They can totally stay on my lawn. This lifts my heart.

          re the anti-war protests, yes, they have gathered there for years. Literally at least 15 years. One of them is a severely mentally handicapped young man whose limbs are very contorted and he comes every week, holding up his sign with much effort. Another one of them is my family attorney's wife, who drives up here every Friday from the larger town a half-hour away that she lives in, she does it faithfully to join in the protest.

          Our city and a lot of other cities and counties here in Southern California have gone around our local energy utility to have our power supplied 100% by green energy. It has just started in February, it has been a year and a half ramping up, and it is thanks to legislative action pushed through by now former Gov. Jerry Brown and our state assembly. It means that the majority of municipalities and households in Southern California will soon be powered 100% by clean energy. People are aware that it is (for now) more expensive but they are still signing up. Northern California is coming online with it, too, but I can only speak to what SoCal is doing.

  1. WTF?
    They don't wanna get shot
    They don't want complete environmental collapse
    They don't want to be bankrupted by education or healthcare.


    1. If it is 78 there today I do not want to think what it is going to be like there in June. Ugh.

      Funny but I was thinking about going to DC this year to visit, haven't been back since I lived there and I can finally afford to take a trip just for fun. And when I was thinking about when to go, I started thinking again about the horrid summer weather there, and how much weight I've gained since I lived there, and how awful it would be to be overweight and in sticky summer clothes in that humidity and well, NO WAY I AM GOING UNTIL THE FALL, DAMMIT

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    Portland youth should be researching what the CIA has done with HAARP and weather manipulation. That's the real reason behind climate control. Oh ya, don't forget the chem trails, just look up from Portlandia today and you'll see them.
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