44 thoughts on “Cthulhucumber Fthagn!

  1. the dog is a chad to them
    7h7 hours ago

    The fact they released the information about this on the day the photo of a black hole got revealed is an eldritch synchronicity that we really shouldn't think about too much

  2. So a little personal news: I was at work yesterday from 8 a.m. until 12:25 a.m. because there is a thing that I must do for work every other Tuesday no matter how late it lasts, and when I finally got home I couldn't fall asleep until almost 4 a.m. and then after I woke up, when I brushed my teeth this morning, I barfed and barfed even though I had nothing to barf up, and then I got little red spots all over my face from the barfing and now I just got home from work and I am fucking, fucking exhausted.

    Also too I hate this goddamn Chromebook. Do not get a Chromebook. Fuck Chromebooks. Fuck them to hell. Fucking Chromebook.

    On the upside, my new sneakers came in the mail, they are bubble gum pink and totally not at all undignified for a female of my age and I plan to wear them unironically because I fucking can and no one can stop me.

    Thank you. You may now return to your original programming.

      1. Thank you. It felt poetic in the moment, not to mention cathartic.

        I now plan to eat some ice cream and go to bed and expect to feel much better tomorrow morning.

    1. Oh man, I hope you're better and less grumpy this day. Sounds a lot like stress vomiting to me, which I don't get (fortunately b/c I'd be vomiting continuously) but I know folks who do. Rest and ice cream should work, I think.

      So, what kind of pink are we talking about here? Mary Kay, Pepto, Federal Safety Hi-Viz? Pics plz.

      People either love Chromebooks or think they blow goats. If the hardware seems OK, why not install Linux? Better, more capable, stable, does lots of stuff and it's free. Here's a few linkys:

      | Platypus – complete tutorial |

      | Lifehacker how-to |

      I'm running the Mint desktop on my old previously creaky HP laptop. The new SSD drive helped, but I really like the speedy simplicity of the Linux OS. I may bag Windows altogether when Microsoft redundifies my Win 7 Pro next year.

        1. Straight out of the carton, I hope. That's how I roll, anyway.

          The only people I know who like Chromebook aren't even as 'puter-savvy as I am, and that's nearly ignorant.

          Hate that you're not feeling well. Don't, and soon, pls.

      1. Some people will never listen, so you shouldn't hold yourself responsible. Perhaps if you would agree to do a 'The More You Know" TV spot you'll feel better about it.

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