16 thoughts on “The Stray Dog Cabaret, by Anna Akhmatova

      1. A start, but what is the fine down there for DUI? Many studies show your driving skills are worse being on the phone than a bit over the alcohol threshold in most states.

        / truth in posting, my bride was hit in a cross walk by a driver playing with their phone.

  1. Remember that privacy you thought you had because you were cautious in putting your personal information on the Internet? |Fuggetaboutit.|

    In 2017, the newspaper The Australian published an article, based on a leaked document from Facebook, revealing that the company had told advertisers that it could predict when younger users, including teenagers, were feeling “insecure,” “worthless” or otherwise in need of a “confidence boost.” Facebook was apparently able to draw these inferences by monitoring photos, posts and other social media data….

    Another troubling example of inference involves your phone number. It is increasingly an identifier that works like a Social Security number — it is unique to you. Even if you have stayed off Facebook and other social media, your phone number is almost certainly in many other people’s contact lists on their phones. If they use Facebook (or Instagram or WhatsApp), they have been prompted to upload their contacts to help find their “friends,” which many people do.

    Once your number surfaces in a few uploads, Facebook can place you in a social network, which helps it infer things about you since we tend to resemble the people in our social set. (Facebook even keeps “shadow” profiles of nonusers and deploys “tracking pixels” situated all over the web — not just on Facebook — that transmit information about your behavior to the company.)

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