44 thoughts on “A Plague on All Your Airline Passengers

  1. Commander Clement: "What happened?"
    Betty: "Plague."
    Commander Clement: (incredulously) "Pl … ague!?"
    Betty: "All sudden like. Lucky I was out."
    Commander Clement: "That man's got a sword in him!"
    Betty: "He fell on it."
    Commander Clement: "Has Yellowbeard been here?"
    Betty: " He's dead, too."

  2. NBC:

    Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Friday and both agreed "there was no collusion" between Moscow and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign

          1. I don't know, but four of us in the same house were all sick as fuck at the same time. Our oldest brother was lucky, he was in juvenile hall. Much safer there.

          2. Being relatively old, I did get to see all the best bands. It all came at a price. Bottom line, drugs are bad, mm'kay?

      1. Los Feliz Daycare
        Rest in Power, Bacon (Irene's emotional support armadillo). Gone two years from this mundane world, but surely scurrying (or whatever armadillos do) across the astral plane. 🌎 ♾

        1. Her general area. Los Feliz is on the west side on the slope below Griffith Park Observatory and the Greek Theater.

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