13 thoughts on “Tell Me, Mama

        1. Good. VLHB is shopping for gigs, maybe a couple bites. Meanwhile Previous Part-Time Hipster Band asked me back for a one-off next month.

          Just rebuilt the 12 string again. Now I have the choice of two different suboptimal necks, each messed up in different but complementary ways

          1. Double -neck it.!

            I'm just plodding along. Getting slightly better . Cool enough for me without playing out.

    1. Ian Fortey
      May 10
      Replying to @Delta
      I feel for you, social media person whose job it is to paint this fuckin' turd of a company to look like a rose.

    1. Taking it alphabetically,lately, like they're organized. Today I went from "Easy Come, Easy Go'– Bessie Smith to
      "Even the Losers" Tom Petty

      Not so different really.

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