47 thoughts on “Ground-breaking cover of a classic

      1. I love her. I hate the fact that her governor would get to appoint her successor in the Senate, and he's a republican. We can't afford to lose any more seats in the Senate. Hell, we can't afford to maintain only the ones we have.

      1. Yes, and I'm pleased to see that it hasn't changed him. There was no obvious self-censoring in that piece.

        1. Yes, I think we all come to Drew for the lack of self-sensoring and stay for the content. Or maybe it's the other way around…

          1. People should be paying attention to what Warren is offering. Nate Silver has lately transmogrified into your standard haughty pundit, sourcing supposedly precious electoral insight directly from his own large intestine.

            That's good copy.

          1. I would sleep much better believing that he had unconventional opinions about Sylvia Plath than knowing that he said this.

          2. Yes. People will believe this and then vote for him because will save the eagles from the windmills. Good god.

          3. Thanks. So even though he wasn't talking about Sylvia Plath my comment that he is just wacko now still stands.

    1. Makes you realize, somewhat sadly, that tRump has never voluntarily read a poem. How sad and empty a life would be without it.

    1. "It is our hope that if such an option does become practical, society will recognise the serious welfare and environmental problems associated with such projects and octopus farming will be discouraged or prevented," they wrote.


    2. "And octopus larvae only eat live food – that has to come from somewhere."

      I think the warning to us could not be clearer.

        1. I think farming octopusses is OK, as long as it is done humanely. Do NOT put bells around their necks. And let them be free range.

          1. You can't disagree that putting bells around their necks would be inhumane! That is, if they have necks…

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