29 thoughts on “Crepes Spoozette

  1. In an interview with 10TV, one student’s attorney cautioned the public against jumping to conclusions. This “easily could have been a prank,” he said.

    Wank prank.

    1. I was just west of St Lou several years ago when a line of storms spun up 3-4 tornadoes all around in like 15 – 20 minutes. Rain wrapped, at night. Super scary. They sure have some badass weather out there.

    2. Fuckin' trapezoids.

      It's raining here again. And there's a dead crow in my empty swimming pool. There was more of a dead crow yesterday but I think some raccoons found it. I had better stop procrastinating and remove the poor thing.

        1. It's on the wood part of lower bout. It's just sticky-gummed on .
          Could pop out the little screen and stick it inside I suppose.

          1. It works is pretty much all I've done so far.
            With metal finger picks, it's approaching banjo sound.

          2. Round.
            It's just a bottom-shelf Rogue but with a high-end cone, Sounds fine for me.

  2. Way, way too long [ bit in Foreign Affairs. ] S/B sans paywall. Ends with:

    Above all, what the country needs is massive domestic investment in human capital, infrastructure, and good governance. Trump’s instinctive exploitation of Washington’s recent failures offers an emphatic reminder that the country must attend to those elements of American greatness. At a high cost, Trump could nonetheless be a gift, if properly understood.

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