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  1. Farage, the spiritual leader of the Brexit movement, quickly used the lactic confrontation to blame politicians who oppose him. “Sadly some remainers have become radicalised, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible,” he wrote on Twitter shortly after the incident.

    No thanks, Nigel. I'm lachrymose-intolerant.

    1. What these critiques misunderstand is why milkshaking is so potent against Farage and his brethren: It humiliates them. Nothing animates the far right or shapes its worldview quite so much as the desire to humiliate others—and the fear of being humiliated themselves. It’s why alt-right trolls, projecting their own sexual insecurities, enjoy calling their opponents “cucks.” It’s why they rally around blustery authoritarian figures like Donald Trump who cast themselves as beyond embarrassment, shame, or ridicule. They brandish humiliation like a weapon while craving release from it.

      So perfect.

      1. Following paragraph is so good, too:

        Getting doused in a milkshake robs far-right figures of the air of chauvinistic invulnerability that they spend so much time cultivating. They hunger to be taken seriously despite their racist views. They want to be described as dapper, to be interviewed on evening news broadcasts and weekend talk-show panels, and to be seen as a legitimate participant in the democratic process. Most politicians to the left of Enoch Powell would brush off milkshaking as a harmless stunt. For those seeking mainstream legitimacy, it’s another searing reminder that they don’t belong.

        1. Adobe Photoshop 5.0.2. It's a very elderly version I picked up cheap at a club fundraiser auction years ago but it still does everything I'd like it to do. The base 2019 version Adobe is selling for $70 now.

          If you have Google Android or some distro of Linux there's an freebie editor called "Gimp" that's comparable and pretty capable in itself. I don't like it, find it cumbersome and the learning curve seems way high.

          1. I have four sycamores surrounding my house. The biggest one is within five feet of the foundation, and it is kinda scary. I'd hate to lose it, but I think I'd hate to lose my house more.

        1. So all of you back-east-ers, These sorts of things, the polygons and tree stripes, terrify me far more than earthquakes and fires. They are so random and you can't get out of their way.

          1. I'm terrified of earthquakes. Storms and lightning I have a protocol for and its mostly "go to ground". When you can't depend on the ground…

            Fires worry me, but we're so waterlogged here that sea level rise will get me first.

          2. See, the whole sea level rise thing, I would not be able to sleep at night if I lived along the Eastern shore, thinking about how close to inundation and the hand of fate…

    1. The person sitting next to me and I are discretely sharing a bag of malted milk balls, which feels very subversive.

    1. Hah!

      Ryan Kelly
      Oh yeah, buddy? Tell me where all the bicycles are in this photo.

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