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  1. I know, there's an HBO series, but read this book–it's absolutely rich in detail. (If you've ever wondered about the glaring flaws of a graphite/water Soviet-engineered RBMK reactor and state hubris, this is your book..)

          1. I watch these all the time. They reliably capture great performances from cool musicians. I particularly like Cheryl Waters as an interviewer

          1. Oh, cool.
            Oh, right. Hamfats.
            I just looked and don't own any J.T. as an individual.
            Goes from Johnny Shines right to Johnny Young

          1. Sort of related to one of the comments in the thread.
            There appears to be rectangular padding in the crotchal area.
            Not in a ' bulge' way, but an 'absorbent pad' way.

          1. I never noticed that plane steps usually have red carpets. If so this is a very satisfying burn.

          2. O
            eta: I flashed on an image but I won't post it because I don't want to insult Curly Howard.

          3. All that kit needs is a top hat, monocle and a long black cigarette holder and he's the 60's era Penguin.

            I'm not going to profane the memory of Burgess Meredith by posting the obvious pic.

          4. OMG!!!!

            It's like he tries to dial the idiocy up to 11.

            There's a pic I saw today of the orange one at this dinner, but with Ivanka to one side and Tiffany and one of the daughter-in-laws on the other side. Ivanka is dressed for a picnic not a state dinner, Tiffany, bless her heart, and sorry to bag on her, looks grossly bloated and like her face is melting and her dress looks like a mall prom dress and doesn't fit properly, and the daughter-in-law is wearing a strapless dress, which, OK fine, I guess, but she is slouching very very noticeably. It's hilarious. Not a single one of them looks even remotely appropriate for the occasion.

          1. This is so awesome. Do we know if it is actually Trump in the car? I wonder if this is called the Trump formation.

            ETA: OK so I just googled the image and answered my own question.

            Literally the streets are blocked off for a big dick.

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