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  1. Laugh you may at us, West Coasters, but : | Scientists have known that the difference between seismic shaking in eastern North America versus western North America is due in part to the geologic structure and rock properties that allow seismic waves in the East to travel farther without weakening… |

    That 2011 Virginia quake rang the whole East Coast Piedmont like a bell and was scary as shit. I'll take facing hurricanes any day, at least you can see them coming.

    1. I still don't know how hurricanes and tornadoes know to hit trailer parks. Earthquakes don't discriminate like that.

  2. Not me.

    Whats Up Tucson
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    Target on Oracle: Paramedics have been dispatched to medically assist the elderly urinating Smirnoff drinker. He's apparently in rough shape
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    1. I wish I could recommend another brand, but I've been out of the game for 30 years. Smirnoff left me in rough shape too.

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