After Douglass inserted a guffaw after a failed joke, Berle reportedly commented, “See? I told you it was funny.”

88 thoughts on “After Douglass inserted a guffaw after a failed joke, Berle reportedly commented, “See? I told you it was funny.”

  1. So, Vinyl Dude's wife, Bomb Making Woman, was telling about an "Antiques Roadshow" rerun about the device in the video.
    We all remember the story of Bing Crosby and Ampex Recording, so I was wondering how the laugh machine fit in Still kinda hazy about the connection.

    The audience laughed for too long in terms of the show’s running time so that reaction that had to be cut. Jack Mullin was going to throw out the rejected tape. Crosby happened to be there at the time and told him to save it for future use. Thus the concept of the ‘laugh track’ was started. By the time I began to edit, the ‘laugh track’ had grown to 42 different segments. These ranged from great outbursts of laughter to the groans of the audience. The orchestra had their reactions as did the lady in the balcony.

    1. Then
      Before television, audiences often experienced comedy in the presence of other audience members. Television producers attempted to recreate this atmosphere in its early days by introducing the sound of laughter or other crowd reactions into the soundtrack of television programs. However, live audiences could not be relied upon to laugh at the correct moment.[3] Douglass noticed this problem, and took it upon himself to remedy the situation.[4] If a joke did not get the desired chuckle, Douglass inserted additional laughter. If the live audience chuckled for too long, Douglass gradually muted the laughter. This editing technique became known as "sweetening," in which pre-recorded laughter is used to augment the response of the real studio audience if they did not react as strongly as desired.[4]

      This seems misleading since tracks were being used in radio previously. Anyway This guy made the best and apparently monopolized it for quite some time.

      This has been "Blue's Slice of Trivial Bullshit" for June 17th, 2019.

          1. It's pretty good. I had it at a wedding in Mexico, probably the most fun wedding I've ever attended in spite of the language barrier.

          1. Yes, I have been to those duck races (and yes i knew you were a land baron there; yer town done good)

  2. <img src="</img>

    1. They were supposed to send animal control or wildlife agents out to check on it yesterday. We need updates, damn it!

  3. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, who has done a wonderful job, has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so that he can devote more time to his family….


    FBI examining 2010 domestic fight involving acting defense secretary Shanahan; accounts differ on aggressor

  4. Oho, this is just glorious:

    | Frank Luntz @FrankLuntz

    I’m at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna, Austria. Almost 200 rooms… But the elevator has been broken for 3 days.
    Please don’t bring European-style socialism to America. 🚯

    Uh, Frank…

    The Hoarse Whisperer@HoarseWisperer
    3 hours ago
    Replying to @FrankLuntz @ImperialVienna

    The Imperial is owned by Marriott, genius.

    See what American capitalism does to European service?

    Enjoy the walk.

    Also too: the Austrian government is full of hard right wingers, shading towards the Neo-Nazi. Aren't they supposed to make the trains, er, elevators run on time?

      1. It grates on me that such blitheringly ignorant people continue to be so inordinately wealthy, successful and in firm grasp of society's levers of power. It's almost as if the playing field is heavily tilted in their favor by a small cadre of ancient, reactionary billionaires for their own ends.

          1. We used to do five fingertips pressed together in a kinda pentagon.
            Ya know, if one does the fingertip thing and then put them inside the 'O' made by the other hand,
            it works.

          1. I thought this Casio thing had 'em, …not….Trying to get the feeling for the Jimmy Buffett Barf song
            .Have some tracks [ but not quite fitting ] and single sounds from the internet, but you know how lazy I am and it's a pain to manipulate little pieces.
            The struggle continues.

          2. I have fake steel drum sounds, if that's what you need. send me the track and i can overdub..

          3. Well, don't have one yet. Just a bunch of couplet lyrics [ I'd need auto-tune if I was gonna sing ] and the four chords.
            Don't have the rhythm thing going.

          4. "Wasting away again in Hispaniolaville"

            when you've got something, we can make it work. Prolly need some hand drums too?

          5. a hundred forty parrottheads went down to have some fun
            hang with jimmy buffet in the República Dominican

            [ genius!!! ]

          6. Ya know, after reading/watching the reports of the deaths and near deaths in DR this year,
            the tune is taking on a somewhat darker tone than a few puking parrottheads
            Maybe if it's done ironically.

  5. related:

    Connor O'Brien
    ‏Verified account @connorobrienNH
    1h1 hour ago

    Pat Shanahan, a former Boeing VP, is out.

    Mark Esper, who was Raytheon’s top lobbyist before joining the Pentagon, is in.

  6. Cosy! At least Mark will have gainful, lucrative employment waiting when he leaves.

    There's no shortage of "top defense lobbyists" either, so the job won't go unfilled for long.

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