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          1. I saw that too! So cool!

            And really, there has GOT to be similarities. There were some groups on Ravelry that would have chats about things that were clearly very white nationalist and wingnutty and horrible. Despite their protestations.

          2. It never occurred to me before this that I can just directly donate to Ravelry. They do so much on a shoestring with a tiny staff.

          1. I thought about it, was wondering if wingnuts are frothing and signing up to join the fray.

          2. They don't seem to be. But in the links I posted the wingnuts are all basically missing the point. They are whining about how they are victims. They are saying they are being censored, that they fear their knitting pattern libraries will be taken away, even though the original statement clearly says that will not happen. They are calling the Ravelry site owners facists, that their right to free speech, on a private site, is being thwarted, that they are being spied on, that this is the beginning of the end of the country they love, etc., etc., etc.,

            It's eye-opening, that today in the news even Republicans are beginning to express outrage that Trump's administration is holding brown children in cages in sub-human conditions, that yet another woman reported that Trump sexually assaulted her, that a white nationalist whom Trump called a very nice person is begging to not be given life in prison for mowing down innocent people with his car, but these facts don't seem to have penetrated the bubble that these Ravelry commenters live in. They just see themselves as innocents who are being persecuted by brainwashed lefty meanies and that's that.

          3. OK. Will take a shot. I just didn't want it to be a bunch of non-knitters arguing with each other.. If they're dealing , I will just look.

          4. Heh. Thought so
            registration is closed temporarily

            registration will be open again in a few days

          5. lol, if you put "Ravelry" in the search box on Twitter, there are a TON of hits, a whole lot of links to articles, even USA today, this thing is blowing up. tee hee.

    1. I don't see the Chris Christie part but what is there is really really bad, and really really unsurprising.

    1. I think I know *exactly* where that billboard is. I580/80 stretch in between Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley. Good show!

  1. Contrary to oral legend, the Irish did not descend from the first photosynthetic sea organisms. It’s not Fight O’ Plankton, it’s phytoplankton.

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