43 thoughts on “Down Goes Jim Beam

      1. Am re-locating today to the hard streets of the inner city for 10 days.
        I reckon I'll post three tunes to get re-certified wonk.

          1. Made it. Safe for the moment, but the neighborhood is festooned with those
            "We don't care where you're from, you're welcome here" signs.
            I suspect this is a ruse to trap the unwary.

          2. Yes, good advice especially since nobody uses their oven in June, July or August.

    1. IK,R?
      I don't care for bourbon myself, but know people who do, and today I
      stand with them in their grief.

        1. They had another warehouse collapse in 2018. Does Jim Beam have anyone with something beyond a sixth grade education in charge of facilities?

          1. Jack Daniel's used to have an occasional fire, and it was always attributed to it being a tactic to keep supply less than demand. Kind of like the mysterious refinery fires in the oil industry.

    1. "Coal is alive and well, and anyone who is ready to pronounce its death is not in tune with reality," said Mosley with a smile.

      The reality is, you're dying. Fuckers.

          1. Awesome.
            Also ty, wanted to be able to put up thread if needed.
            100 comments is my call for a new one.

  1. Layered stupid.

    CNN Politics
    ‏Verified account @CNNPolitics

    Fact check: No evidence President Trump "ended" Washington homelessness

      1. Maybe it's not ended, but it is "ended"

        eta: by the way am staying at the "House of Swine" I sent all those pics from.

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